Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Deconstructing AIDS

Quick Summary

"The Brothers Flexner"
Nancy Turner Banks, MD[ Harvard ], MBA

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AIDS is many things, but this is what you need to know:

  • AIDS is not caused by a virus
  • AIDS is not a death sentence
  • AIDS is not a sexually transmitted disease
  • AIDS tests are useless
  • AIDS tests discriminate by race
  • AIDS is not a blood borne disease
  • AIDS has not become the predicted pandemic
  • AIDS drugs cause AIDS
  • AIDS is not killing Africa and
  • Black women are the intended targets of the AIDS hoax


Antibodies and Immunity
The HIV antibody tests are another scientific conundrum never fully explained. An elevated antibody count has been historically used to identify those who have immunity to a disease. For example, after you receive a measles vaccine your anti-measles antibody count rises. This elevated count signifies your immunity from contracting that particular disease. This is the underling theory of vaccines. If your antibody count drops you are to said to need a booster shot for the specific purpose of raising your antibody levels, called titers. It is claimed that the vaccine will raise your immunity to the disease by increasing your antibodies against this pathogen. Yet in the case of HIV, when your antibody titers are already elevated indicating that your body is working normally and has developed an immunity to HIV you are said to not be immune and subject to the development of AIDS—a scientific wonder never explained by those promoting this theory. Yet the AIDS promoters are promising a vaccine against AIDS knowing that any vaccine would produce the exact antibodies, in which case people would be said to be immune from AIDS. If you are already confused, that seems to be the point of HIV “science”. Thus far, there has been no viable vaccine produced and it will be interesting to see just how long that little charade continues. (Note: it will continue as long as the money flows to this misguided research)
Rodney Richards, PhD., worked on the development of antibody (ELISA) and genetic “viral load” tests for Amgen and holds some related patents. “The diagnosis of being HIV positive is based on arbitrary combinations of tests, none of which are approved for diagnosing HIV…in fact there is no test for HIV. It’s just an illusion.”* (, Verdict of $2.4 million Over False-Positive HIV Diagnosis Brings up Basic Problems with AIDS Testing and Treatment, Say Scientists, Dec. 12, 2007)

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